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Schedule Club Meeting

Use this form to request space for small club meetings and activities with  anticipated attendance of less than 50 people that will not require extensive campus resources and will be low risk.

Meeting Request Form

Club Purchase Request

Fill out this form to request to use your club funds to make a purchase. All club purchases need to be submitted and approved in advance. Please submit this form AT LEAST 48 HOURS before you need to shop. Do not submit this form Friday if you need to shop over the weekend or on Monday.

Purchase Request Form

Service Project Report

Fill out this form to report service projects completed by your club. Merit money will be distributed to your club based on the information provided in this report.

Submit A Service Project Report

Schedule a Special Event

Use this form to request space for large scale, special events. Using this form means your anticipated attendance is 50+ and your event will utilize extensive campus resources, set up, and/or be high risk for students.

Event Request Form

Club Bill Request

Thank you for your interest. Bill funding for the 2023-2024 academic year is closed. Please come back in Fall of 24 to submit a request.

All Clubs and Orgs are eligible to petition for additional funding.
To do so, they must create a bill with the assistance of their club representative. Bills will be brought before the UTSA Club Council and debated. Club Bill money is limited and will be allocated at the discretion of the Club Council based on the information in the UTSA Clubs and Organization bylaws. You may apply for assistance up to 50% of the cost of travel, lodging, and conference fees.

Club P-Card Request

Having a university p-card on behalf of you club is a responsibility and a privilege. You will be required to learn to utilize Chrome River to process your purchase receipts. Before applying for a p-card, please make sure you are committed to this process and are willing to do the work to have a p-card on behalf of your club. If you will only be shopping a couple times each semester, you have other options available for making purchases.

If you decide you would like a p-card, please fill out your name, signature, d-number, campus email, and phone number then drop off to Gardner 227 or email to anilee.adams@utahtech.edu to be completed and sent to the purchasing office. Once that is done, you will receive an email with the p-card quiz that you will need to pass prior to receiving your p-card.

P-Card Application

Chrome River for P-Card Holders

If you have received a p-card on behalf of your club, you will need to allocate your purchases using Chrome River. You can access your account by clicking the link below and scrolling down to Chrome River, then clicking CHROME RIVER SSO LOGIN

If you have questions or cannot locate your account please contact purchasing@utahtech.edu

Access Chrome River

Participation Waiver

Club members who are traveling with the club, or participating in high risk activities need to submit this waiver form.


Clubs and Organizations Handbook

Resources for chartered clubs and organizations

Clubs Handbook

Clubs and Organizations Bylaws

Clubs Bylaws

Club Logo Request

Request a University Branded Club Logo by filling out this form. Your division is Student Affairs.

Club Logo Request

Club Artwork Approval

If you are ordering branded items for your club, your artwork will need to be approved by UMAC. You will need to provide your CVS number on your purchase request form.

Artwork Approval