UTSA Clubs

Start a Club

How to Charter a New Club


Meet Minimum Eligibility Requirements

You will need

  • A minimum of five members who are current Utah Tech University Students
  • 4 Club officers must be full time students in good academic standing
  • Remaining member(s) must be taking a minimum of 4 credits

Write A Club Constitution

Clubs are required to have a constitution that covers details about how the club is organized and run.

Club Constitution Template

Fill out the Clubs and Organizations Charter Form

Click the link to fill out the charter form

Charter A Club

Present your Club to the Club Council

Once your form is submitted, the VP of Clubs and Organizations will contact you to schedule a date and time for you to present to the Club Council.


What Happens Next?

  • You will be given time to present your proposed club name and purpose
  • The club council will ask any questions they have regarding the club purpose, integration, and relevancy to the UT Mission
  • Following the presentation, the club council will deliberate and vote if the the club should be chartered
  • You will be contacted by the VP of Clubs to let you know the decision of the Club Council

Once A Club Is Chartered

Upon Approval

  • You will be connected with your Club Rep, who can help answer questions you may have
  • Your club account will be created and you will receive $150 start up funding.
  • You will be able to book space on campus for meetings and activities
  • You will have access to use club funds to make purchases on behalf of your club